Web App Attendee Guide

    You can join sessions online instead of using the desktop app or a mobile app.

    The GoToMeeting Web App is a browser-based version of GoToMeeting that can be run entirely online! Unlike when hosting or joining sessions with the desktop app, the Web App does not require any downloads because it stays contained within your web browser. This can be especially beneficial for users who are having trouble installing the desktop app or are in locked-down environments that can't download software.

    Note: Once you have switched to the desktop app, you will then use it to join subsequent sessions directly rather than first joining via the Web App. Please see Compare Join Methods for more information.

    Join a session via the Web App

    When the Web App has been enabled, GoTo Meeting will automatically detect the optimal join method for each attendee. You can also opt to join directly via the Web App.
    1. Open a Google Chrome browser.
    2. Go to
    3. Enter the Meeting ID, then click the arrow key.
    4. Select your audio and camera options and click Join when meeting starts (attendee) or Start the meeting (organizer). You'll be automatically launched into the Waiting Room or the live session!
      Note: Feature availability will vary based on your browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

    Web App features and tools

    Note: The availability of these features depends on the attendee's web browser. See Web App Feature Comparison.

    Share your screen

    When using the Web App, you can broadcast your own screen (or a specific application) to the rest of the session participants. To do so, you will need to complete a one-time installation of the screensharing browser extension if you are running Google Chrome v71 or older.

    See Share Your Screen (Web App) to learn more.

    Share your webcam

    When using the Web App, you can broadcast your webcam to other participants during the session so that you can collaborate face-to-face. Up to 25 different webcams can be shared during a session!

    See Share your Webcam (Web App) to learn more.

    Chat with other attendees

    Communicate with your fellow attendees! You can send instant chat messages to other participants at any time during the session.
    1. Click the Chat icon in the upper toolbar.
    2. Use the "To" drop-down menu to select the recipients of your message (everyone, organizers only, presenters only or a specific attendee).
    3. Enter your message in the text field, then click Send.
    When you receive a chat message, you will see a notification if the Chat pane is hidden or closed or if you are on another browser tab. Private and public chat messages can be easily distinguishable by color and the "to" recipient (public chats will say "Everyone" and private chats will say "Me").

    Enable/disable "Who's talking" notifications

    By default, the Web App will display a real-time indicator that makes it easy for you to identify which individual is currently speaking.
    1. Click the Settings icon in the top toolbar.
    2. In the General tab, enable or disable the Show who's talking box.

    Change your displayed name and email address

    1. Click the Attendees icon in the toolbar.
    2. Click the More icon next to your name and select Edit name & email.
    3. Enter your desired name and email, then click OK.

    Change the display language

    1. Click the Settings icon in the toolbar.
    2. In the General tab, use the "Select a Language" drop-down menu to select the desired language. Your changes will be applied immediately..

    Switch to the desktop app

    Switch to the desktop app during a session to access all of the features that GoTo Meeting offers. See Switch to the Desktop App for more information.
    1. Click the More icon in the top toolbar.
    2. Click Switch to desktop then Switch to desktop again to confirm. The GoTo Meeting desktop app will launch.

    View limitations of the Web App

    While the Web App allows attendees to use many of the same features and tools as the GoTo Meeting desktop app, there are some features that are still being worked on. See What features are available on the Web App? for more information.
    • Attendees cannot take control of the presenter's mouse and keyboard.
    • Attendees cannot use drawing tools.