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How do I manage attendees?

Organizers can manage attendees (mute/unmute them, make them an organizer or presenter, and more) from the Attendee pane.

  1. While on an active session, open the People pane.
  2. Select the desired attendee name and then select what you want to do:
    • Mute — Select Mute or Ask to unmute if the attendee muted themselves. See Mute and Unmute Attendees for more help or if you want to mute/unmute all attendees.
    • Make organizer/presenter — Select Make organizer or Make presenter as desired. See How do I make an attendee the organizer or presenter? for more help.
    • Dismiss from session — Select Excuse (or Remove from meeting if on the mobile app).
    • Give remote control access — If sharing your screen, select the mouse icon or select Control from your main toolbar and then select the desired attendee's name. See How do I use Remote Control? for more help.