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How do I use Remote Control?

Presenters can give multiple attendees shared control of their keyboard and mouse. This allows others to move the mouse around your screen and use their keyboard for added collaboration.

Give remote control

In order to give remote control, you have to be on the desktop app and actively sharing your screen. To receive remote control access, you have to be on either the desktop app or web. View Download GoTo Meeting Now. Note that the presenter's mouse always has priority – they can override attendees' mouse movements to temporarily regain control without removing Remote Control access.
Notice: This article addresses the new GoTo app experience. View How do I use Remote Control? (Classic) for the classic experience.

  1. Start or join a meeting.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Select which screen or app you want to share and then select Share again.
  4. Give remote control access in one of the following ways:
    • Recommended: Select Control and then choose the attendee(s) you want to give control to.
    • Select the People pane, and then select the attendee's name and Give remote control.
    Troubleshooting: If you still can't enable remote control, check your computer's Accessibility settings to ensure you've allowed the GoTo app to control your computer.
  5. Your attendee(s) will need to select Enable from the Control icon in their toolbar.
    Note: Type or move your mouse if you need to temporarily regain control of your screen.
  6. To revoke remote control access, select Control to remove it for everyone simultaneously, or select the arrow by Control to deselect the desired attendees from the list.

Allow attendees to request remote control

Before you begin: Your admin must enable this feature before you can use it. Once enabled by the admin, co-organizers and promoted attendees can request for remote control at any time.
If the meeting has already started, select Settings icon > Attendee permissions > Request remote control. Co-organizers and promoted attendees can also update this setting during the meeting.
  1. Sign in to the GoTo web or desktop app.
  2. Create a new meeting or edit an existing one.
  3. Select More options and scroll to Attendee experience.
  4. Enable Allow remote control requests.
Results: Attendees see a "Remote control is now available" notification during the meeting.
What to do next: When an attendee requests remote control, you'll be notified. Select Give control to grant access. If multiple attendees request remote control, a list of their names will appear in the top menu.