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How do I use Remote Control?

    Presenters can give multiple attendees shared control of their keyboard and mouse. This allows others to move the mouse around their screen and use their keyboard for added collaboration.

    The presenter's mouse always has priority – they can override attendees' mouse movements to temporarily regain control without removing Remote Control access.
    Note: In order to give remote control you have to be on the desktop app and actively sharing your screen. To receive remote control access you have to be on either the desktop app or web. View Download GoTo Meeting Now.

    1. Start or join a meeting.
    2. Select Share in the lower toolbar.
    3. Select which screen or app you want to share and then select Share.
    4. To give remote control, select Control and then select the attendee(s) you want to give control to.
      Note: You can also give remote control to an attendee from the People pane. All attendees with remote control will have a mouse icon by their name.
    5. Your attendee(s) will need to select Enable from the Control icon in their toolbar.
      Note: Type or move your mouse if you need to temporarily regain control of your screen.
    6. To revoke remote control access, select Control to remove it for everyone simultaneously, or select the arrow by Control to deselect the desired attendees from the list.