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Mute and Unmute Attendees

Organizers can mute and unmute attendee's audio at any time during the session.

If an attendee mutes themselves, the organizer cannot unmute them. Instead, the organizer can send them a request to unmute themselves.
Notice: This article addresses the new GoTo app experience. View How do I mute and unmute my attendees? (Classic) or How do I view and manage attendees from an Android? for the classic experience.

Desktop app or web

Crossed-out mic icons represent muted attendees.
  1. Select the People icon.
  2. To mute or unmute a specific attendee, select their name and then Mute or Ask to unmute if the attendee muted themselves.
  3. To mute or unmute all attendees:
    1. Select More > Mute everybody. Disable Allow everybody to unmute if you want to keep all attendees muted and then select Mute all.
    2. Select More icon > Allow everybody to unmute if you want attendees to be able to unmute themselves.

Mobile app

  1. Open the GoTo mobile app on your device.
  2. Start or join a meeting.
  3. Select the People icon.
  4. Select the more icon next to the desired attendee.
  5. Select Mute or Ask to turn on mic.