How do I host a meeting using the Web App?

Organizers can host meetings using the browser-based Web App instead of downloading the desktop app or mobile app.

Organizers must be running Google Chrome in order to host meetings. If you are a Linux or Chromebook organizer, see Can I host meetings using Linux or Chromebook? for more information.

Find your meeting link and open it in a browser. If a browser opens with join options, click Join on the web and sign in if you're prompted. If you are not taken to the browser-based GoToMeeting app, follow the instructions below.

  1. First, take note of the meeting ID or link.
  2. Open a Google Chrome browser and go to
  3. Enter the Meeting ID or meeting room name, then click the Arrow button .
  4. If prompted, click start the meeting at the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter your GoToMeeting credentials (e.g., email address and password).
  6. You will automatically be launched into session! Once you select your audio mode, you will see a Welcome Tour that shows you the different organizer features that are available in the Web App.