How do I upload my own hold music?

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You’re not limited to the music files that come installed with your system. Feel free to upload any audio files that you have the rights to and use them in a playlist. Uploaded files do not have to be solely music, these could include recorded messages as well. Anything you want your callers to hear is an option.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with your country's Digital Rights Management Laws when uploading copyrighted files.

1. Log in at

2. Click Hold Music in the left sidebar and then click Uploaded Music to add songs to your library.

3. Click the upload icon and then select a supported file from your computer.

  • .wav
  • .ulaw
  • .g722
  • .mp3

4. Select a Normalization Level to ensure consistent volume levels and then click [OK].

5. Drag and drop the newly uploaded file into a playlist of your choice.