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How do I set up emergency call notifications?

Alert specified personnel immediately after any line dials 911 for emergency services or 933 as an emergency services test dial emergency services. Notifications will be sent via email.

Note: This feature is being released in a phased rollout and may not be available on your account yet.

Please excuse our mess while we improve your admin experience! We are in the process of migrating all accounts to the new GoTo Admin. The article below is meant for admins who use PBX Administration (classic) at If you're an admin who uses GoTo Admin at, please refer to: How do I manage my default phone settings?

Before you begin: You must be assigned the Super admin role to perform this task.
  1. Sign in to PBX Administration (classic) at
  2. Select System Settings in the left navigation menu.
  3. From Emergency Locations, enable Send Emergency Service Call Alerts.
  4. Enter an Alert Email Address, and then select + to add multiple email addresses.
  5. Optional: Enter a Custom Emergency Number, and then select + to add multiple numbers.
    • A custom emergency number is a phone number that triggers emergency service call notifications. These custom numbers can be helpful if you have different protocols for emergencies—perhaps you have onsite security or medical personnel that’s called for smaller emergencies. You can add these numbers as a speed dial option on every device in your organization for easier access in case of an emergency.
    • To trigger emergency service call notifications when an internal extension is dialed, route the desired line extension to the custom emergency number as the only ring step in the line’s dial plan (Find Me/Follow Me).
  6. Select the Default Emergency Location from the drop-down list.
    Note: If your location does not appear in the drop-down list, please refer to How do I add an emergency location? for detailed instructions on how add an emergency location.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Dial 933 from an internal phone to test emergency service call notifications. (Only available in the United States and Canada.)