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How do I add a sound clip or music file?

    Upload or record a sound clip or music file to your account to enhance the customer experience or share tailored messages.
    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Phone system > Audio library, select the + Add media button on the top right.
      Note: It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with your country's Digital Rights Management Laws when uploading copyrighted files.
    3. Enter a Name for the new media.
    4. Optional: Enter a description for the new media.
    5. Choose the Type of media from the drop-down list:
      • Sound clip: Usually a recorded custom message.
      • Hold music: Usually an uploaded music file.
    6. Choose how you want to add the media:
      • Upload: Select Browse files or drag and drop an MP3, WAV, or ULAW file.
        Tip: We recommend .wav, 16-bit mono, 8000 Hz. File sizes should not exceed 150 MB.
      • Record: Recording will start immediately when selected. Select Stop once you are finished.
        • Select Play Button Icon to listen to your recording before saving.
        • If you made a mistake, select Cancel to delete the recording and start over.
    7. Select Save when complete.
    What to do next: Add the newly created sound clip or playlist to a dial plan or a call filter.