GoTo Connect New Customer Help Guide

    Discover several common issues new customers experience and how to solve them.

    It all starts with your network.

    Many issues with any VOIP phone system start with the network. Ensuring your router is compatible with your new system is key.

    Your router needs to be compatible with GoTo Connect. We support most routers; however, there are a few we don’t support. Please make sure that your router is NOT on this list of incompatible routers.

    If you are still experiencing difficulty, you will want to answer the following questions about your network layout before contacting Customer Support to get the fastest help:

    • Who is your internet service provider?
    • What are the models of your modem and router? Is it a combination device?
    • Do you have a switch? If so, what is the model?

    Before you port your phone numbers...

    Porting is the process of transferring your existing phone numbers over to your new GoTo Connect system, but before you start, there are some important things to know:

    • Do NOT cancel with your previous carrier prior to porting your phone numbers to GoTo Connect.
    • Your account with your previous carrier must be in good standing.
    • Your previous carrier account CANNOT have any pending new orders or past due statements.
    • Please have the most recent copy of your bill with your current provider containing the numbers you want to bring over to GoTo Connect.
    • The customer service record from your previous provider can be helpful to expedite the process.

    Are your phones configured?

    You will want to configure your phones to work with your new GoTo Connect system. We have directions available for each model of phone we support. Determine the manufacturer and model of your phone(s), find your phone(s) listed here, and follow the needed steps.

    Let your calls go with the flow.

    Setting up your dial plan (also known as call flow) is an important part of getting your system working and making calls. Having an idea of how you want to receive your calls is very important. You can allow callers to simply dial your extensions or directory names, or you can give them various options such as connecting to a conference room or waiting in a call queue.