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How do I copy a previous webinar details to a new one?

If organizers have a scheduled webinar that is set up with polls, surveys, emails, and panelists, they can copy the details to a newly scheduled webinar so that all settings and customizations carry over. This makes it easy to schedule new webinars that are similar to one of your previously configured webinars.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. In the Dashboard, click the Past Events tab.
  3. Find the past webinar that you want to use as a template, then copy it in the following ways:
    • Select the More icon next to the desired webinar and click Copy Webinar. Only webinars wit ha start date within the past year are displayed.
    • Click Schedule + and then Copy A Webinar. Click the webinar you'd like to copy in the drop-down menu.
  4. Configure the additional settings and date/time, then click Schedule Now.
  5. The following components will be copied over. Once scheduled, you will be taken to the Event Details page where you can customize your new webinar.
    • Webinar title and description
    • Co-organizers and panelists
    • Presenter information
    • Webinar logo
    • Registration settings
    • Emails settings
    • Polls
    • Surveys