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How do I customize my webinar?

Customize the way your webinars look and the options that you want available to enhance your attendees experience.

Access the customization page

The Event Details page allows you to customize your webinar to your liking. You are automatically directed there each time you create a new webinar. However, you can also access this page at any time by going to your Dashboard (Home icon) in the left navigation and then selecting the name of the desired session.

Edit the event's information

From About, you can edit the event's title and description, add organizers and panelists, change the time zone and language, and add or remove a session to a recurring webinar sequence.

  • To add or remove a session to a recurring webinar sequence, select the date/time field.
    • To add, select + Another Session and enter the additional event date and time and then select Save.
    • To remove, select the Trash icon next to the desired event date and time and then select Save
    Note: You can add up to 50 webinars in a recurring session.

Edit Event Details

Edit the event's settings

  • To automatically start recording the session as soon as the broadcast begins, switch the toggle to the "On" position. Learn more.
  • To edit audio modes, select Audio. Make your modifications as needed. If desired, select "Notify all participants of these changes" and then select Save.
  • To display a message in the Chat pane, select + Welcome Message and enter your message.
  • To list your presenter's information in the attendee's viewer, select + Presenter Information and add in their name, details, and photo. See Can I list presenter details in the GoTo Webinar waiting room? for more information.

Edit GoTo Webinar Event Settings

Edit the event's branding & colors

From Branding & Colors, you can customize the way your emails and registration page will look.

  • To add a logo, select Add your logo and then upload or drag and drop the image. This will increase attendee response rates. For best results, select an image no larger than 400x200 pixels and 100KB. Note that the name of your organization will automatically appear next to your logo.
  • To add a feature image (banner), select Add your image and then upload or drag and drop the image. This will help distinguish your webinar and theme. For best results, select an image no larger than 200x200 pixels and 100KB.
  • To add a feature color, select one of the given colors. You can choose custom colors by selecing the Plus icon. This will give your webinars a polished look and professional feel.
  • To preview your Registration page, select the View Registration Page link.

Edit the event's registration and email settings

From Registration and Emails, you can edit your registration and email settings including custom confirmation links, password protection, and reminder emails with customizable disclaimers to better manage your registrants! Learn more.

Add attendee interaction

From Engage Your Attendees, you can add videos, handouts, polls and surveys to engage your attendees and interact with them!