Using the Control Panel (Windows and Mac)

To get the most out of GoToTraining, organizers and attendees can download and install the full-feature desktop software on your Windows and Mac computer. This allows you to access all of our great collaboration tools, including drawing tools, shared keyboard/mouse control and multi-monitor screen sharing.

Note: This article applies only to the GoToTraining desktop app (which is the software downloaded onto your computer). If you joined using the no-download, browser-based Instant Join app , you will see a toolbar on your screen instead of the desktop app Control Panel that is described here.

Features and tools

(a)  Mute/unmute

(b) Share your screen, change presenter and give keyboard/mouse control

  • Share Your Screen – Share your desktop, an application or a document with attendees.

    Sightboard uses your HD webcam (and a little magic!) to broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time, allowing them to collaborate as if they were standing right in front of it. Sightboard can even see behind you as you write on the board and will automatically save snap shots documenting each change you make.

  • Change Presenter – Change presenters so that another participant can share their own screen.
  • Give Keyboard and Mouse Control – Share keyboard and mouse control with other participants while you are sharing your screen. Note that attendees who joined using a method other than the desktop app (such as the Instant Join app or mobile apps) will not be able to use this feature.

(c)  Share your webcam

  • Share Your Webcam – Preview your webcam before sharing with others, then turn on your webcam to work face to face with attendees.

(d) Manage your audio mode

(e) See the audience view

  • See the Audience View – See a preview of what your attendees are seeing to make sure your presentation is on point!

(f) Manage attendees

  • View and Manage Attendees – View the names of all individuals participating in the session, as well as access mute controls and other options.
  • Invite Others – Invite attendees to join while you are in an active session.
  • Add Co-Organizers – Make someone a co-organizer so that person can have full control over the session and/or continue running the session after you leave.

(g)  Chat with others

  • Send Chat Messages Exchange public or private Chat messages with the other session participants.

(h) Record the session

  • Record a Session – Record the presenter's screen, audio and shared applications during a session, then upload and store the recording for people to view.

(i) Use Drawing tools (Windows only)

  • Use Drawing Tools – Use drawing tools to draw on your shared screen and better illustrate points. Note that attendees who joined using a method other than the desktop app (such as the Instant Join app or mobile apps) will not be able to use this feature.

(j) See a session overview

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard allows organizers to monitor the session at-a-glance. You can quickly view the timer (duration of the session), attendance, audience attentiveness, questions and raised hands.

(k) Launch polls and tests

  • Create and Manage PollsPolls allow you to ask attendees a question during a session, then to broadcast the results immediately. Unlike tests, polls are only a single question and are meant to collect real-time feedback and promote attendee interaction.
  • Create and Manage TestsYou can create custom tests to assess your attendees' knowledge before, during or after a session. You can add up to 100 questions per test, and re-use them in as many sessions as you'd like.

(n) Upload materials

  • Create and Manage MaterialsMaterials are media files and web links that your attendees can download onto their devices. You can use materials to have your attendees review content or complete tasks before, during or after a session.

(o) Launch activities and breakouts

  • Use Activities During Trainings

    Using activities during your trainings gives you an interactive way to engage your attendees and can be a revolution in how you conduct your training exercises. You can have your attendees collaborate in real time on a shared Google Doc, watch a video, view an uploaded material – all while you monitor their progress and provide guidance. You can even split your attendees into smaller groups (called "breakouts") for separate discussions or activities.

(p) Display a timer

  • Timer

    You can use the timer throughout the training to time a recess, Tests, Polls or any assignment.

Switch between Control Panel and Grab Tab

Even when the Control panel is minimized into the Grab tab, the most critical features remain accessible with just one click: Mute, Share Screen and Share Webcam.

  • To shrink the Control Panel into the Grab Tab, click the Shrink icon in the left navigation.
  • To expand the Grab Tab into the Control Panel (e.g., show all panes), click the Expand icon in the left navigation.