What does the Dashboard include?

    The Dashboard pane in the Control Panel allows organizers to monitor the session at a glance. You can quickly view the timer (duration of the session), attendance, audience attentiveness, questions, and raised hands.

    • Timer: Begins when the presenter starts sharing their screen. The duration of the session is based on the scheduled start and end times.
    • Attendance: Shows the number of session participants in-session.
    • Attentive: Displays the percentage of session participants who have the GoTo Training Viewer on top of all other applications in comparison to those who have the GoTo Training Viewer in the background.
    • Polls Given: Displays the number of polls that already have been launched and closed over the total number of Polls waiting to get launched for the session.
    • Hands Raised: Shows the number and percentage of session participants who've raised their hands. Clicking the number opens the Attendee List where you can see who has raised their hand.