How do I use locations?

Use locations to maintain validated addresses for easy re-use. Only available in the US and Canada.

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Before you begin: You must have admin or super admin permissions.
  1. Log in at
  2. To add a location:
    1. Click Locations in the left sidebar and then click Add Location.
    2. Select a Region.
    3. Complete the Street Address. It will pre-populate the remaining fields where possible.

      Note: If using cardinal directions, use the abbreviation. For example, instead of South, use S.

    4. If the remaining fields do not populate, complete the City, State, and Zip Code.

      Note: These fields may vary depending on the selected region. Complete all necessary fields.

    5. Click Save.
  3. To edit a location:
    1. Click Admin Portal Edit Icon next to the one you need to change.
    2. Make your changes.
    3. Click Save.
  4. To remove a location, click Admin Portal Trash Icon next to the one you need to remove.
What to do next: Use Table Settings on the top right to select what fields you see in the table.