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How do I add a location?

Add all of your physical locations to your account for increased organization and easy emergency service setup.
Adding different locations will not impact billing.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From Locations, select Add Location.
  3. Complete each field of the form. The fields will vary depending on the region selected.
    Tip: If using cardinal directions, use the abbreviation. For example, instead of South, use S.
  4. Optional: If this location needs to be registered as an emergency location:
    1. Toggle on Emergency location.
    2. Enter a callback number from the drop-down menu.
      • This feature is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.
      • A phone number can only be assigned to one location and that location must be in the same region as the phone number.
      • This number will only be displayed when users dial 911 or 933. All other calls will display the outbound caller ID that is set up for that line.
      • The registration process may take up to 4 to 5 business days.
      • For additional information regarding emergency locations, refer to How do I add an emergency location?
  5. Select Save when complete.