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How do I create a call queue?

Create a call queue to make it easier for incoming callers to reach a department—like Support or Billing. Agents that have logged in to a queue can then answer these calls as they are dispersed to them. Use the Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) enhancement to improve callers experience by matching them with the best suited agent for their needs, rather than just the next available agent.
Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the Admin role. This can also be done from your admin portal if you have access permissions.
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. From Contact Center > Admin > Call Queues, select + Add Call Queue.
  3. The next available number will automatically populate the Extension; change this number as needed.
  4. Enter a Name for the queue and then select the type of queue you want to use (availability depends on your account).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the new queue to configure its settings.
  7. If you selected an ICR queue type, complete the following steps to use this enhancement:
    1. Assign skills to your agents.
    2. Add the caller info nodes into your dial plan to match the skills you assigned to your agents.
    3. Determine if you want the system to dispatch callers to any available agents when there is no agent that matches the requested skills available.
    4. Ensure the phone number customers call is routed to this enhanced dial plan.
What to do next: To bring your call queue to life, route a phone number to it or use it in a dial plan.