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What are the different types of extensions?

Learn about each type of extension and what it is best used for so that you can be confident in how your call flow is set up.
  • Direct Extensions: This dials a user directly as a primary or secondary line.
  • Dial Plans: This is a custom flow you build with multiple elements available for use such as a scheduler, auto attendant, dial by name directory, or caller ID modifier. You can set these up so that callers have multiple choices to choose from when calling a particular phone number.
  • Call Queues: This dials a group of user's direct extensions with advanced distribution, agent, and caller settings. You also have access to reporting features when using queues.
  • Ring Groups: This dials a smaller group of user's direct extensions and/or external phone numbers.
  • Virtual Fax: This allows callers to send a fax which is received as an attachment to an email on your system. Watch video!
  • Shared Voicemail: This sends callers to a voicemail box that is shared by multiple users. You can use this in addition to or in place of a user's personal voicemail box that comes standard with their direct extension.
  • Conference Bridges: This sends callers to a virtual conference room that allows up to 20 participants. You can secure these rooms with participant and/or host pins.