How do I change the settings on a virtual fax?

    Update the settings on a virtual fax as needed. Not available in Brazil and Mexico.
    1. If you are not already, sign in to your admin portal.
    2. From Phone system > Virtual fax, select the fax that needs changes made.
    3. From the Overview tab, you are able to change the following:
      • Details: Select Edit details to make changes to the name and extension number associated with this virtual fax.
        Note: Some extension numbers are reserved. To learn which extension numbers are reserved for other functions, refer to Which extensions are reserved?
      • Associated resources: View what part of the admin console references this virtual fax. Navigate to that resource directly to make changes.
    4. From the Settings tab, you are able to change the following:
      • General: Choose your omission preferences.
      • Email to fax access: Choose your email to fax access code and reset it as needed.
      • Sending: Choose your sending preferences such as caller ID and email notifications. Select View instructions to learn how to send an email to fax.
        • All notifications are sent to the email address used to send the virtual fax.
        • Email communications will be sent from,, or Please ensure these domains are allowed so that emails are not automatically filtered as spam.
      • Receiving: Choose your receiving preferences such as the email destination and storage options.
      • Permissions: Add specific users and edit their fax sending and receiving permissions.
    Tip: While on any tab in a virtual fax profile, you can select Three Dots Icon in the top-right to edit details or delete the fax. Use the breadcrumb on the top-left to go back to the main list or use the arrows to navigate each virtual fax's profile.