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How do I change the settings on a schedule?

Update the settings on a schedule as needed.

Before you begin: You must be assigned an Admin or Super admin role to perform this task.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From Phone system > Schedules, select the schedule that needs changes made.
    Tip: While on any tab in a schedule's profile, you can select Three Dots Icon in the top-right to make changes to the overview page or delete the schedule. Use the breadcrumb on the top-left to go back to the main list or use the arrows to navigate each schedule's detail page.
  3. From the Overview tab, change the following:
    • Details: Select Edit details to make changes to the name or time zone.
    • Associated Resources: View what part of the admin console references this schedule. Navigate to that resource directly to make changes.
  4. From the Schedule tab, select Edit Schedule and then select the days and times you want to be open.
    Note: If you need to temporarily remain completely open or completely closed, you can use the Override feature rather than changing your actual schedule.
  5. From the Holidays tab, select + Add holiday and then complete the form. Repeat for every holiday, every year.
Article last updated: 12 May, 2023