How do I upload a sound clip?

Play custom messages to your callers in dial plans, call queues, or call filters.

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Before you begin: You must have admin or super admin permissions.
  1. Log in at
  2. Click Sound Clips in the left sidebar and then click Upload.
  3. Select a supported file from your computer:
    • .wav
    • .ulaw
    • .g722
    • .mp3

    Tip: We recommend .wav, 16-bit mono, 8000 Hz. File sizes should not exceed 150 MB.

  4. Optional: Enter a Description of the sound clip.
  5. Click Admin Portal Checkmark Icon.
  6. Select a Normalization Level to ensure consistent volume levels and then click Ok.
What to do next: To bring your sound clip to life, use it in dial plan, call queue, or call filter.