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In-Session FAQs

Review frequently asked in-session questions

How can I view what my attendees see during a session?

When you're presenting on a Windows computer, the Audience View in your Control Panel shows you a thumbnail view of what your attendees see.

How can I make an attendee the presenter so that they can share their screen?

During the session, you can right-click an attendee's name in the Attendee List, and select Make Presenter. The attendee now becomes a panelist for the remainder of the session and can share their screen.


How can panelists view Q & A?

If you promote a panelist to an organizer role, they can view and manage Q & A from the Control Panel. The panelist now becomes an organizer for the remainder of the session and has full control of the session like you.

How can my co-organizer launch a Poll for me so that I can participate in the polling?

Whoever launches the Poll can see the Poll in their own Control Panel and in the attendees' Viewers. If you're presenting, another organizer can launch a Poll so that you can view and respond to the Poll from your Control Panel.