Add Panelists

Panelists are members of webinar staff who can speak, present, share webcams and answer assigned questions during a session. You can either add panelists before a session starts or promote attendees to panelists during the session. Unlike co-organizers, panelists cannot start or facilitate a session on their own.

Add a panelist before a session starts

You can add up to 24 panelists from the Event Details page. Use this page to add panelists before or during an active webinar!

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1. From the Dashboard, either schedule a new webinar or open an existing one.

2. On the Events Details page, click + Panelists under the About section.

3. Enter the person's name and email address.

4. To add another panelist, click the Plus icon.

5. When you're done, click Update. Your panelists will be added to the Event Details section, and they will receive an invitation email with a link to join the session.

Add a panelist in-session

You can also add panelists during a session by promoting attendees. There is no limit to the number of attendees that you can promote during a session.

1. Right-click an attendee's name in the Attendee List and select Make Panelist.

2. When you're prompted to make them a panelist, click Yes.

3. If you want a panelist to show their screen, you can make them a presenter.


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