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How do timezones work with scheduling?

Learn more about scheduling and hosting webinars across multiple timezones. View a list of all supported timezones.

Which timezone should I schedule in?

As an organizer scheduling a webinar event, you should always schedule based on your own timezone (regardless of where your attendees are located).

What will my attendees see?

  1. When your attendees receive the webinar Invitation email, they will see the date/time listed in your timezone.
  2. When the attendee clicks the Registration link and lands on the Registration page, GoTo Webinar will detect which timezone they are in (based on their web browser settings) and automatically adjust the date/time accordingly.
  3. Note that registrants can also click Show in my time zone if they would like to change which timezone is displayed while they register. However, when they add the session to their Calendar app by downloading the .ICS file their email client will automatically adjust the date/time based on their Calendar app's settings, regardless of which timezone they selected in the drop-down menu on the Registration page.