How do I send webinar reminder emails to registrants?

    Organizers can choose to send up to 3 reminder emails to registrants and panelists before the webinar event.

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. On the Dashboard, either schedule a new webinar event or select an existing one.
    3. Scroll and open the Emails section.
    4. Under "Reminder email", click Do not send a reminder email.
    5. Click the Send email tab and schedule your reminder email to be sent once or more than once. You can send up to 3 reminder emails.

      • 1 to 6 hours before the event start date and time
      • 1 to 6 days before the event start date and time.

    6. Edit the email subject line and enter custom text if desired.
    7. To preview before saving, click Preview. Otherwise, click Save.