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How do I use source tracking?

Source tracking allows you to see where your registrants are coming from when they land on the Registration page.

Using this feature, you can create unique Registration URLs for each of the various mediums you use to invite attendees (e.g., newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn). You will then be able to see how many registrants used each URL to get to the Registration page, which can help indicate how effective your marketing is and which platforms are the best for your webinar promotions.

You will also be able to see each registrant's "source" when you run Registration, Attendee or Webinar Analytics reports.

Create sources

  1. Log in at
  2. From the Dashboard, either schedule a new webinar or open an existing one.
  3. On the Event Details page, open the Registration field.
  4. Under "Tracking Registrants", click + Source.
  5. Give the source a name (e.g., January Newsletter), then click Create.
  6. GoTo Webinar will automatically create a unique URL for that source, and it will become available under "Your Sources" below. You're ready to share! 

Share sources

  1. To invite attendees using the unique URL, you can do the following:
    • Under "Registration Link", click the Copy icon and then paste it wherever you'd like (into a newsletter, email, etc.)
    • Under "Share", click the Share icon to automatically post to Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.
  2. As attendees start registering for the event, the number of registrants listed for each source will increase depending on where they found the link.

Archive sources

If you no longer want one of the unique Registration URLs to be active, you can archive it. Your registrants will see an error message if they attempt to register from an archived URL.
Note: It is not possible to "un-archive" a source, so be sure you no longer need it before you archive it.
  1. In the Source Tracking window, click the Folder icon to archive that source.
  2. When prompted, click Archive to continue, or Cancel to keep the link active.
  3. Your archived links will remain listed at the bottom of the table, but will be grayed out and not accessible.