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How do I generate a webinar report?

Organizers can build reports of the webinar history, attendees, and more. This tool comes in handy when you need details for session comparison. Depending on what details you're looking for, you can choose from several different types of reports to generate. All data is exported to an Excel or CSV file.

Note: You can generate webinar reports up to two years after its scheduled date.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select the Bar Graph icon in the left menu to open your Analytics page.
  3. Select Build Report.
  4. Choose the desired report type.
    • Sessions Overview Report – Shows a high-level summary of the webinar.
    • Registration Report – Shows when each person registered for the session and their answers to the registration questions.
    • Multi-Session Attendee Report – Shows additional attendee information to compare across multiple sessions.
    • Attendee Report – Shows details about each attendee, including registration information and how long they attended the session.
    • Engagement Report – Shows questions asked by attendees, engagement details, and contact information.
    • Q&A Report – Shows details about the questions asked and answers given during each session.
    • Performance Report – Shows high-level statistics on registration, attendance, and feedback.
    • Survey Report – Shows a session’s Survey questions and attendee’s answers.
    • Recording Report – Shows details about viewers and when the recording was downloaded.
  5. Choose a date range to filter your report data.
  6. Select desired session(s) and then Proceed with selected session(s).
  7. Choose the desired file type and select Email Report or Download.
    • If emailed, the download link is active for 7 days.
    • If downloaded, the report is saved to your computer.