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Join a Webinar from a Browser

GoTo Webinar automatically chooses the best join method for you depending on your system and the type of webinar you are joining. However, if you are in a locked-down environment or prefer joining from the web, use this workaround.

Before you begin: Make sure you meet the browser requirements and are registered to the webinar before you join.
  • Linux or Google Chrome OS
  • Microsoft Edge (most recent 3 versions)
  • Google Chrome (most recent 3 versions)

    Try joining the webinar.

    1. When it's time to join the webinar, open the confirmation email in your inbox or the You're Registered! page.
      Tip: You can search for to quickly filter through your emails.
    2. Select Join Webinar (confirmation email) or Join the webinar ("You're registered!" page).

      Result: If the webinar opens in a browser, you are joined from the web! If you are prompted to download the desktop app or launch the GoTo Opener, close out of the window and follow the next steps.

    Add parameters to the join links.

    1. Go back to the confirmation email or You're Registered! page.
    2. Copy the join link.
      • If you have the confirmation email open, right-click Join Webinar then select Copy Hyperlink.
      • If you are on the You're Registered! page, right-click join the webinar then select Copy link address.
    3. In a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, paste the join link. At the end of the URL, type in ?clientType=html5 then press Enter.
      Tip: The Join link will look similar to This link is not a real webinar but an example!
Results: You're taken to a Camera preview screen where you can choose your audio method.
Attention: Although you can unmute your audio and enable your camera in the Camera preview screen, you will not be able to unmute or share your camera during the webinar as an attendee.