Why was I launched into session with the Web App?

The GoToMeeting Web App allows you to get into session quickly and easily, without having to go through an installation process!

There are a few different reasons you might have been launched into session using the browser-based Web App, as described below.

  • This might be your first time joining. Well first of all – welcome! We hope you enjoy your first session. In order to make your first join experience go as smoothly as possible, we launch you straight into the browser-based Web App the first time you join. This allows you to get into session as quickly and easily as possible. Then if you'd like to switch to the desktop app, it's easy to do so!
  • Your computer might not meet the desktop app's system requirements. If you are running Linux, Google Chrome OS, or an older version of Windows or Mac, then it is not possible for you to install the desktop app. But don't worry – we've got you covered! The Web App is perfect for these unsupported operating systems because it make sure that you can still join in the fun. You can even use it to host your sessions online.
  • You might have joined using the direct Web App URL. If you joined your session from, then you joined using the Web App because that is the Web App's direct join URL. You can easily switch to the desktop app if you wish, or continue on using the Web App.
  • You (or the organizer) might be using the GoToMeeting Free plan. Our most basic plan, GoToMeeting Free, offers easy screen sharing, webcam, and VoIP audio via the browser-based Web App. This plan does not include access to the desktop app or mobile apps, so all sessions will take place in the Web App. You (or the organizer) can easily upgrade to unlock productivity boosting features, like webcam sharing and session recording.