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How do I include media sound during a session?

While sharing a video or audio clip during a session, presenters can include the media sound coming from their computer. Please note that background noise (e.g., notification sounds) will also be shared. You must be connected to audio via the computer audio to use this feature.

Notice: This article addresses the new GoTo app experience. View How do I include media sound during a meeting? (Classic) for the classic experience.

System requirements

Restriction: Presenters must join from the web or the GoTo desktop app (on Windows only) to use this feature (it is not yet available on the desktop app for Mac). However, attendees joining from all platforms (desktop app, web, mobile) and any audio mode can listen to the shared audio.

Desktop app or web

If you are not actively speaking, mute your mic for the best audio quality. If you are sharing a video, enable the "Optimize for video" setting.
  1. Select Share to begin sharing.
  2. If using the desktop app, select the screen(s) or application you want to share and then enable Include media sound (desktop app) and then select Share.
  3. If using the web browser, select the screen(s) or application you want to share:
    • Chrome Tab — Make sure Share tab audio is enabled (this is the default setting) and then select Share. You will be prompted to turn off your mic for the best audio.
    • Entire Screen — Enable Share system audio and then select Share (Windows only).
  4. Stop sharing your audio in one of the following ways:
    • Recommended: Select Share again. This will stop screen sharing completely.
    • Stop the audio of the content being shared (e.g., stop the YouTube video).
    Troubleshooting: Changing the audio device will stop audio sharing. In this case, stop and start screen sharing again or switch back to the original audio device.