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What is the difference between the desktop app and web experience?

    You can use the desktop app or web browser to join and host meetings. The features available to you depends on which option you use.

    When you use the desktop app, you will install the GoTo software as an application on your computer. When you are in session, you will be launched in the GoTo app.

    When you use the browser to join or host meetings, the session will take place entirely within a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. You will not need to download any software onto your computer.
    Attention: We are in the process of rolling out the new GoTo. If you are still on the classic experience and would like to try the new GoTo, you can enable it for your account.
    Categories Features Browser experience Classic desktop app experience New GoTo desktop app experience
    Organizer features Host and join a meeting
    Lock the meeting
    Add a password to your meeting
    Use cloud recording
    Use local recording
    Record password-protected meetings locally
    Use breakout rooms ✓ (if GoTo is enabled)
    Use remote control
    Mute and unmute all attendees at once
    View and share chat logs ✓ (if session was recorded to the cloud) ✓ (if session was recorded to the cloud)
    Hide chat pane for attendees
    Camera features Share your camera (1080p supported)
    Hide your own camera
    Detach cameras ✓ (Presenter only)
    Pin specific camera
    Screen sharing Share your screen
    Pause screen sharing
    Share screen in "clean" mode ✓ (Windows only)
    Use presenter mode
    Include media sound ✓ (Windows only)
    Use drawing tools
    Attendee features Raise your hand
    Use reactions