What are the virtual fax machine settings?

Below is a list of all the virtual fax machine settings and their descriptions. Not available in Brazil and Mexico.

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Table 1. Extension
Setting Description
Extension Number A unique three to six-digit number that makes the virtual fax machine dialable.
Name The name used to identify the virtual fax machine in the admin portal.
Omit from Directory — Optional Removes the virtual fax machine from all internal directories.
Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing — Optional Removes the virtual fax machine from auto attendant extension dialing.


Table 2. Instructions for Sending Email to Fax
Provides instructions on sending a virtual fax.
Table 3. Email to Fax Access
Setting Description
Email to Fax Access Code A unique code that authenticates and identifies a virtual fax machine when sending an e-fax. You cannot manually enter an access code; click Reset to generate a new one.
Table 4. Sending Options
Setting Description
External Caller ID Sets the caller ID for outgoing virtual faxes.
Send Email to Fax Success Messages — Optional Enables email notifications for successful fax deliveries—emails are always sent for failed attempts. All notifications are sent to the email address used to send the virtual fax.


Table 5. Receiving Options
Setting Description
Email Destination Defines the email destination for incoming faxes. To receive faxes, you must route a phone number to the virtual fax machine.
Note: You can only send faxes to a single email address. If you need to deliver your faxes to a group, use an email alias (e.g., or create an auto-forward rule in your email client.


Lists all devices and call flows using the virtual fax machine.