How do I fix phone registration errors?

    If you are having trouble with registration issues such as line unregistered, URL call is disabled, and others, use these steps to perform initial troubleshooting before contacting Customer Support.

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    Before you begin: These steps are advanced and are typically completed by a system admin.

    1. Troubleshoot the phone.

    Complete the instructions in How do I fix my deskphone?.

    2. Perform a ping test.

    1. Perform a ping test to verify that your phone can connect to the internet.
      Phone Make Steps
      1. Press Menu > Features > Diagnostics > Network > Ping on your phone.
      2. Wait for the results.
      1. Press Menu > Status > Diagnostics > Network > Ping on your phone.
      2. From Host, enter using * for the periods between the numbers.
      3. Press Start.
      4. Wait for the results.
      1. Press Menu > Status > Network Status on your phone to find the IP address.
      2. Enter http://<Phone IP>/admin/ping? in your browser.
        Note: Replace <Phone IP> with the IP address of your phone.
      3. Wait for the results.

      Note: If you don't see your phone brand here, skip to step 3, reboot your network.

    2. Once you have the results, determine if you have packet loss. If you do, contact your ISP for further assistance. If you can successfully connect to the internet, continue to step 3, reboot your network.

    3. Reboot your network.

    About this task:
    Warning: Rebooting your network will cause all connected devices to go offline temporarily.
    1. Unplug the power supply from:
      1. Your modem
      2. Your firewall or router
      3. The phone that's having registration issues

        Note: If the phone is using PoE, you will only see a single ethernet cord plugged into the LAN, SW, NET, or Internet port.

    2. Wait at least 60 seconds.
    3. Plug the power supply back into your modem and allow it to reboot completely. This may take a few minutes.
    4. Plug the power supply back into your firewall or router and allow it to reboot completely. This may take a few minutes.
    5. Plug the power supply and internet source (ethernet cord) back into the phone.
    6. Test the phone to see if your issue is resolved.

    4. Verify your router is not incompatible.

    Check to see if your router is on our denylist.
    Option Description
    If your router is incompatible...
    • Contact Customer Support to see if we can configure your router to work.
    • Purchase a recommended router.
    If your router is compatible... Verify your router settings.

    5. Verify your firewall settings.

    Confirm the following settings on your firewall:

    • Set UDP timeouts to 300 seconds
    • Disable SIP ALG
    • Allow all traffic to/from GoTo Connect's IP Blocks

    What to do next: If you still have registration errors, please check out these articles for more help or contact Customer Support.