How do I fix my caller ID?

    If you are having trouble with your caller ID's not displaying properly on outbound calls, use these steps to perform initial troubleshooting before contacting Customer Support. You will also learn what situations we are unable to help regarding caller ID issues.

    About this task: Caller ID is not guaranteed to work in these situations and we are unable to troubleshoot:
    • Toll-free — Caller ID is not guaranteed when using a toll-free number.
    • Canadian — Caller ID works differently in Canada and it is up to each provider to pass through the Caller ID set in the admin portal.
    • Rate Centers — Caller ID reflects the city and state of the rate center the phone number is from. Not every city has rate centers so some cities cannot be displayed.

    1. Verify the number is not in your contacts.

    Verify the number with the incorrect caller ID isn't saved in your contacts. If the number is saved as a contact, the contact details will override the caller ID.

    2. Make a test call.

    About this task: If using a cell phone to test with, verify that you have paid for the caller ID feature with your provider, otherwise you will not get valid results.
    Test a call to see what displays as the caller ID.

    If the caller ID is different from what is showing in your admin portal, continue to step 3, provide a call example. Make sure you look at the Caller ID assigned in the Phone Numbers tab. If you are looking to change which phone number is displayed when making outbound calls rather than the visual text associated with a phone number, click here.

    3. Provide a call example.

    Contact Customer Support with the following information. Be as specific as possible.

    Tip: A call example from within 30 minutes of contacting us provides the best chance of troubleshooting.

    • Date of the call
    • Exact time of the call, including time zone
    • Phone number dialed
    • Extension or phone number the call was placed from
    • What showed up as the caller ID