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GoTo Webinar Attendee Overview Guide

Learn how to join and use GoTo Webinar.

Register and join a webinar

Before you can join a webinar, you have to register using the link found in your invitation.
You will need to fill out your first name, last name, email address, and other required fields depending on how the organizer customized the registration form. Once registered, you'll receive a confirmation email with a Join link. Keep that link handy when it's time to join the webinar. Learn more.
Registration Page

Where is my registration link?

In most cases, the registration link can be accessed from the invitation email sent to you by the organizer. They might have posted it somewhere online (e.g., Facebook or instant message). Look for a hyperlink that starts with and ends with a unique registration code. For security purposes, only the organizer can provide you with the registration URL. If you are unable to find it, please reach out to the organizer who invited you to the webinar and ask them to resend it.

Where is the join link?

When you registered for the webinar, you received a confirmation email that includes specific join information. When you're ready to join the webinar, open that email to get into session.

  • Join link: Select Join Webinar in your confirmation email to be instantly launched into session.
  • Webinar ID: If you don't have your join link, go here and enter the 9-digit webinar ID. You may have to re-register.
If you have issues joining, view Join Help and FAQs.
Join Webinar

What does "the webinar is full" mean?

If you are trying to register or join a webinar but receive a "The webinar is full" message, then the session already has the maximum number of attendees that are allowed. You will not be able to join the session unless one of the attendees who has already joined leaves the session. This is because each organizer's GoTo Webinar account has a subscription plan with a maximum number of attendees that they can have in any given webinar. Learn more.

What does "the webinar has ended" mean?

If you see this message, then you are trying to sign up for a past webinar that has already occurred. Please contact the organizer who invited you to the webinar to see if they have a recording that you can watch or if there is an additional session that you can join.

Learn about webinar types

The look of the Control Panel and webinar varies depending on the webinar type. If you are curious, you can reach out to your organizer about the webinar type but it's okay not to know the webinar type you are joining. The attendee experience is similar once you're in the session!

Standard webinar

If you are joining a Standard webinar, you can:
  • Join from the desktop app or mobile app.
  • Be unmuted with organizer permission.
  • Be promoted to staff with organizer permission.
  • Have access to all in-session features (polls, surveys, handouts, Q&A).

Webcast webinar

If you are joining a Webcast webinar, you can:
  • Join from the browser-based Instant Join app or mobile app.
  • Have access to all in-session features (polls, surveys, handouts, Q&A).

Recorded webinar

If you are joining a Webcast webinar, you can:
  • Join from the browser-based Instant Join app or mobile app.
  • Have access to all in-session features (polls, surveys, handouts, Q&A).

Learn about the in-session experience

When the organizer begins the webinar, you will see the GoTo WebinarViewer and control panel. The Viewer includes the organizer and panelists' webcams and presentation. The control panel is where you access your audio options and in-session features.
Note: The control panel automatically collapses when it's not actively in use.

In-Session Features

(a) Mute and unmute yourself

By default, all attendees are muted when they join a webinar. If the organizer unmutes you, select the Mic icon to unmute yourself. To grab the organizer's attention, raise your hand or ask a question.

(b) Raise your hand

Grab the organizer's attention by raising your hand using the Hand icon. This notifies the organizer that you are requiring attention. Learn more.

(c) Download handouts

If the organizer uploaded handouts, you can download them to your computer or Android device. If you're on an iOS device, you can preview them in the Safari app. Learn more.

(d) Ask questions

You can ask the organizer questions at any point during the webinar. Once the question is answered, it will display in the Questions pane.
Note: If you do not see the Questions pane, the organizer may have disabled the feature. In this case, email your organizer.

Answer polls

During the webinar, the organizer may launch a poll. This can be a multiple choice, scale rating, or short answer. Once you're done answering the poll, select Submit to send your answer to the organizer.

Troubleshoot common issues

Are you having trouble joining your webinar or can't connect to audio? Review common issues below.

I can't join the webinar.

There are a few possibilities why you can't join the webinar. View I can't join the webinar to troubleshoot.

I can see the presentation but can't hear the audio.

It sounds like you're connected to the webinar, but your audio is not connected yet. You should have either Computer audio or Phone call selected in your audio settings. Learn more.

I can hear the audio but I can't see the presentation.

There are a few possibilities why this might be happening. Learn more.
  • The Viewer window might be minimized or hidden (desktop app). Check the task bar (Windows) or dock (Mac) for the Daisy icon and click it to bring GoTo Webinar to the forefront of your screen.
  • You might have the wrong tab selected (Instant Join app). Check your browser tabs and select the one that says "GoTo Webinar" with the red "audio live" icon.
  • There may not be any screens being shared yet. If you see a "Waiting to view 's screen", then everything is in order! Once someone starts sharing their screen, it will display in this window.
  • The Viewer may be behind the "Let's get started" join screen. If you see a "Let's get started" browser page, close it and open the running GoTo Webinar desktop app in the task bar.

I can't hear anyone.

There are a few possibilities why this might be happening. Learn more.
  • The organizer might not have begun the broadcast yet. If you see the Control Panel and hear intermittent beeps, then the organizer has started the webinar but hasn't begun the broadcast. Remain connected and wait for the organizer
  • The wrong audio mode might be selected in the app. Open the Audio pane and make sure you are connected to the audio mode of your choice.
  • The volume of your speakers might be turned down too low. Gradually turn up the volume until you can hear something.
  • GoTo Webinar might be playing through the wrong output. Check the Audio pane to make sure the correct output device is selected. Otherwise, re-plug your audio hardware and GoTo Webinar should automatically detect it.
  • You may need to update your audio/video drivers (Windows). Outdated drivers can cause interference. Make sure you have installed any driver updates for both your audio and video cards.