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Navigating in the GoTo Resolve Console

This article helps end users get around in the GoTo ResolveConsole.

To use the GoTo Resolve Web Console, log in at You can also open the GoTo Resolve Agent Desktop Console, and log in with your GoTo Resolve credentials.
Tip: Don't have the Agent Desktop Console yet? See GoTo Resolve Agent Desktop Console for detailed instruction for getting and installing the native application.
  1. You can add Devices to your GoTo Resolve account in the Devices page of the Console For more information see Setting up Devices
  2. You can start instant support sessions from the Support page of the Console. For more information see Starting Instant Support Sessions.
  3. GoTo Resolve offers a ticketing solution that allows you to provide internal support for your end users. For more information see Manage Tickets with Helpdesk.
  4. Remote Execution allows you to run, manage, and monitor automated PowerShell commands on multiple computers without user interaction. For more information see Remote Execution - Automation in GoToResolve.
  5. In the Console, you can view reports on agents' activity in support sessions and helpdesk tickets. For more information see About Reports in GoTo Resolve
  6. If you are an admin on multiple accounts, you can use the account toggle to easily switch between your accounts.
  7. By clicking on your profile icon you can manage your profile and zero trust settings, access the GoToAdmin portal, switch to dark theme or log out from the Console.

How to change your keyboard layout?

You can switch between local and remote keyboard layouts as follows:
  • On Windows, in the Desktop Console menu, go to File > Preferences and select a Keyboard layout.
  • On Mac, in the GoTo Resolve Desktop Console menu, go to Preferences and select a Keyboard layout.
Article last updated: 13 October, 2022