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Remote Execution - Automation in GoTo Resolve

Remote Execution allows you to run, manage, and monitor automated PowerShell commands on multiple computers without user interaction. To execute such commands, you must first enable zero trust authentication.

How does it work? At a glance.

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In Remote Execution, you create "steps" that are predefined PowerShell commands. You can combine up to 64 steps in one job and then these steps are run automatically one by one on selected online computers. These remote computers wait two hours for a step to finish. Then start the next step and wait another two hours for that step to complete. If a step takes longer than two hours to finish then the whole Remote Execution job times out and stops.

You can view the details of a job to see its result. See How to View the Results of a Remote Execution Job.

Here's what you can do in Remote Execution:

  • Manage steps - Execute, manage, and monitor automated steps on multiple devices.
  • Create a new job - Enter a Name for the job and a script to execute. Define the devices or group of devices that will receive the script.
  • Save steps as template - While adding steps to a job, you can save your list of steps as a collection that you can modify and re-run later on.
  • Mark steps as your favorite - You can hover over the name of a step and mark it as your favorite. Favorites are listed at the top.
  • Run a job - You can run multiple steps on online computers. You cannot run a job on offline computers.
  • Run jobs on a group of devices - While setting up a job, you can select a whole device group that you want to run your Remote Execution steps on.
  • Schedule a job - You can set a job to start at a later time. You can schedule job to start up to one year in advance.
    Remember: When you select offline devices, you must schedule a job to run later. If a selected device is offline when the job runs, the job will fail.
  • View results - You can check the details of a job that is in progress or completed.
  • Re-run a job - You can re-run a job that has already run.
  • Cancel a job - You can cancel the job and prevent steps from running on Pending devices. Once running, steps can't be stopped.
    Note: Once you create and run a job, you cannot delete it. It will be listed on the main Remote Execution page indefinitely.

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Requirements on the remote computer

Make sure your remote computer has PowerShell installed and is running the latest version of the GoTo Resolve software. The script runs as LocalSystem, which does not require credentials; therefore, the user cannot be impersonated.

Your remote computers must have the latest major version of PowerShell installed. For example, when the latest available version is 7.2 and your remote computers run version 6.1, GoTo Resolve will automatically install the latest PowerShell version before running Remote Execution steps. However, when a remote computer has version 7 or 7.1 installed, PowerShell will not be updated.

Installing PowerShell requires 400MB free space on remote computers.

Important: This feature does not support devices where the system time is out of sync by more than five minutes.
Article last updated: 18 April, 2023