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Flexible Layout

Customize your personal meeting experience view by splitting or "popping out" the GoTo desktop app into multiple windows, organized in any way that best suits your needs.With flexible layout, the primary toolbar is always available across any application you're using, and any shared screens can be expanded to full screen by attendees. This is ideal for users on a single monitor as it allows you to make the most of your screen real estate and seamlessly work in all the needed applications ( such as checking your email) while still viewing the cameras and the shared screen of a meeting.
Some things to note:
  • This feature is only available on the GoTo desktop app. If you select Pop out in a browser, you will be switched to the desktop app.
  • Your desired layout is saved and readily available for future sessions. For users with multiple product licenses, you can have a different saved layout for each product.
  • Any notifications for things such as raised hands or requests for assistance is displayed on the far left of the primary toolbar.
  • By default, the GoTo app is the "foreground app" and appears on top of all other applications. Select Disable always on top to move the GoTo app behind other applications.
Notice: This article addresses the new GoTo app experience. View What is the Grab Tab? (Classic) for the classic experience.
  1. While in a session, select Pop out.

    Result: Your traditional desktop view will close in favor of a new primary toolbar that you can drag and drop to your preferred location. This toolbar will persist when switching screens.

  2. Select what you want to use for this session:
    • Mic — Allows you to mute and unmute yourself if the organizer hasn't muted you from their end.
    • Camera — Allows you to share your camera and manage your camera settings, such as the use of virtual background.
    • Screen Share — Allows you to share a variety of content on your screen with the attendees.
    • Record — Allows you to record this session.
    • Reactions — Allows you to raise your hand or utilize a reaction if enabled by your organizer.
    • Drawing Tool — Allows you to draw on a presenters screen (only available when someone is presenting).
    • Remote Control — Allows presenters to give remote control access to another attendee (only available when someone is presenting).
    • Quick Access Controls — Allows you to open and organize the panes that would be most helpful for you in the session, rather than displaying them all. You can choose to add Cameras, Chat, People, and Settings to your quick access controls to expand them in a separate pane.
    • More — Allows you to add (or remove) additional panes so they remain visible without expanding the toolbar, access additional tools, view keyboard shortcuts, get more information and help, or report any audio issues you may encounter.
      Note: By default, icon labels are shown and all panes in use appear on top of all other applications (also known as the "foreground app"). Select Disable always on top to move the GoTo app behind other applications.
  3. Optional: Select Merge to return to the traditional layout.
  4. Optional: Select Leave to leave or end the session, depending on your role.