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What are the meeting keyboard shortcuts?

GoTo Meeting supports keyboard shortcuts which provide an alternative way to do something that you typically do with a mouse. During a meeting, simply type the shortcut combination to use its matching action.

Note: The GoTo Meeting app must be in focus for keyboard shortcuts to work.
Attention: This article covers keyboard shortcuts in the browser meetingexperience. Are you on the desktop app? See Use Keyboard Shortcuts from the Desktop App (Windows Only)

Available meeting shortcuts

To do this Use this shortcut combination (Windows)
Mute self Alt+M
Unmute self Alt+U
Start screen sharing Alt+S
Stop screen sharing Alt+H
Start or stop camera Alt+V
Start or stop recording Alt+R
Show or hide chat Alt+C
Show or hide attendee list Alt+L
Show/hide settings Alt+O
Go full screen F11
Close dialog ESC
Exit session Alt+X