How do I join meetings from the iOS app?

You can use the GoToMeeting app for iOS to join meetings from anywhere! If you are an organizer, you can also use the app to schedule, manage and start meetings. If you are a presenter, you can present content from the cloud, a browser page, or event a virtual whiteboard (iPad only). Please note only 6 cameras can be shared at once.

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Join a meeting

  1. Download the GoToMeeting app from the App Store .
  2. Join a session in any of the following ways:
    • Tap the Join URL of the session (in your Email app, Message app, etc) to automatically launch the app.
    • Open the app, tap Join a Meeting in the bottom toolbar, enter the session ID and tap Join.
    • Open the app and tap the desired session listed on the Join a Meeting screen (if you have the app connected to your calendar).
  3. You will be automatically launched into session!

View upcoming sessions (sync your calendar to the app)

The iOS app can check the calendar app on your device and show you all sessions that are coming up! All you need to do is allow the GoToMeeting app access to your calendar.

  1. On the Join a Meeting screen, tap Connect to your calendar.
  2. When prompted, tap OK. This will allow the app to access your device's calendar and pull information about upcoming sessions.
  3. Add upcoming sessions to the app.
  4. From that point, any event in your calendar that includes a session Join URL will be automatically listed in the GoToMeeting app.
    • If you are an attendee, you can tap a session to join it.
    • If you are the organizer, you can tap a session to start it.

View additional features

  • Chat with others: You can send chat messages to everyone in the meeting, only the organizers or to a single attendee by tapping the Chat icon in the toolbar. Specify who you'd like to send a chat to, enter a message and then tap Send.
  • View and rearrange panelist's webcams : You can filter shared webcams by tapping the Webcam icon in the upper toolbar. Select one of the following views:
    • All: All webcams will be displayed at the top of your screen. You can re-size the webcams by clicking and dragging the re-sizing bar.
    • Talking: Only the webcam of the panelists who are currently speaking will be shown at the bottom of your screen.
    • None: All shared webcams will be hidden.