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How do I set up instant response?

    Set up instant response to send automatic text messages to missed calls from first time callers.

    Before you begin: To set up instant response, a system admin must enable texting and instant response on your phone number.
    Note: This feature may not be available on your account.
    This feature is currently only available to be set up in the mobile app.
    1. From the mobile app, select your profile picture in the top left.
    2. Go to Phone > Instant response.
    3. Select Instant Response Info Icon next to the desired phone number.
    4. Enter the message you'd like to be sent and then select Done.
    5. Enable instant response for the desired number using the toggle.
      After receiving a missed call from a first time caller, your custom message will be sent to their phone number. Subsequent missed calls will not prompt instant response messages.