How do I change the lines and buttons on my phone?

Most phones have one or more buttons (or sidecars) that you can customize to perform specific functions, like speed dial. Customize these settings in GoToConnect to allow you to personalize your buttons as needed.

Before you begin: In order to customize your phone's lines and buttons from GoToConnect, a system admin must enable Allow user to change all Speed Dial buttons in GoToConnect ( Devices > User's device > Button Configuration) from the admin portal.
  1. Log in at
  2. Click GoToConnect Settings Icon in the left sidebar and then choose Settings.
  3. From Devices > Button configuration, click Add Button or edit an existing button.
  4. Choose the desired button Type:
    Option Description
    Call Park Adds a call parking spot to the button to park calls to a specific spot with presence monitoring. Enter a label for the button and then a parking spot for the extension (e.g., 8).
    Note: Supported on Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only.
    Line Adds a line to the button.
    Note: Duplicated line assignments are only supported on Polycom VVX. The button labels on multiple appearances for the same line will display as “Label 1”, “Label 2”, etc.—these labels cannot be changed.
    Monitored Extension Adds an extension to the button for speed dial and presence monitoring with BLF (Busy Lamp Field). Watch Video
    Note: Not all phones support this feature.
    On Phone Defined Allows the phone to have functionality manually assigned to the button that cannot be overwritten by provisioning.
    Speed Dial Adds an extension to the button for speed dial. Watch Video
    Note: Not all phones support this feature.
  5. Edit the button Label.

    Note: The button label overrides the line name.

  6. Choose the extension (Selection) you want assigned to the button.
  7. Click Save & Sync.