How do I change the settings on a phone number?

    Update the settings or delete phone numbers as needed.
    1. If you are not already, sign in to your admin portal.
    2. From Phone system > Phone numbers, select the number that needs changes made.

      Tip: When you drill down to a specific number, you can use the breadcrumb on the top-left to go back to the main list or use the arrows to navigate each number's detail page.

    3. Optional: To delete a phone number, select Three Dots Icon > Delete.
    4. From the Overview tab, select Edit IconEdit details to make changes to the phone number's name.
    5. From the Settings tab, choose what you want to do:
      • Block Caller ID: Select General and enable the Block Caller ID feature. When this setting is enabled, the caller ID will be blocked on all calls routed to an external number (e.g., Find Me/Follow Me, ring groups, dial plans, etc.).
        Tip: You can override this setting on a per-call basis by dialing *82 before the outbound number.
      • Reroute calls: Select Call routing or the Reroute button on the top-right and choose the extension or phone number you want incoming calls directed to.
      • Choose hold music: Select Call routing and then choose hold music from the drop-down menu or enable the system default hold music. To change the system default hold music, refer to How do I manage my default phone settings?
      • Call recording: Select Recording and choose your call recording preferences, if recording is enabled on your system.
      • User texting permissions: Select Permissions > +Add user to allow specific users to send and receive text messages, manage instant responses or choose this phone number as their outgoing caller ID. Texting is only available in the United States and Canada.
      • Enable chat queues: Select Texting, and then enable Chat queues to route all incoming text messages for this phone number to selected chat queues. This feature is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.This feature may not be available with your plan.
      • Delete all texts: Select Texting > Clear SMS to permanently clear all text messages associated with this phone number.
        CAUTION: Once deleted, texts cannot be recovered.
      • Instant Response: Enable the feature. For detailed steps, refer to How do I set up instant response text messages?
    6. From the Activity tab, track the changes made to this phone number including when and who made the change.