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How do I provision a device?

Provision devices to your account so that your users can make and receive calls appropriately with their selected settings.

Important: Please excuse our mess while we improve your admin experience! We are in the process of migrating all accounts to the new GoTo Admin. The article below is meant for admins who use PBX Administration (classic) at If you're an admin who uses GoTo Admin at, please refer to: How do I provision a device?

PBX Administration (classic)

One-Touch Activation

This is the default method for setting up your phones as it provides the most seamless experience for you. However, it is for Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only.

Before you begin: After placing your equipment order, all of the mac addresses will be loaded into the device section of your account. This may take several days. In the meantime, make sure all users are added to your account and assigned to a device profile with the correct hardware.

User (or device) activated — Recommended for 20+ users/devices

Before you begin: Before the phones arrive, prepare your list of dialable usernames. When the phones arrive, you or an IT can perform these steps on the devices before handing them out or you can hand out the phones to each user and have them complete the steps.
  1. Plug in the device and then press the Activate softkey.
  2. Enter the numerical dialable username provided by your admin.

    Result: Once the device has identified the user information, you will hear “Thank You” and the device will automatically update its configuration and reboot (possibly more than once). Activation can take some time depending on your device and network speed. Don’t be alarmed if your device's screen is blank during this time. When activation is finished, your configuration will reflect on the phone.

Plug and Play

If shipping time is not a concern, you can choose to have your devices purchased from GoTo Connect pre-configured with the latest vetted firmware version ready for plug-and-play installation. You will need to provide your Project Manager with an accurate and complete user worksheet or manually enter the information in the respective field after accepting your quote.

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  1. Plug in the handset and headset cables.
  2. Plug the network cable from your internet source into the LAN port on the phone (possibly labeled as SW, NET, or Internet).
  3. If daisy-chaining a computer to the phone, plug a network cable into the PC port on the phone and then plug the other end into the computer. The phone should supply the connection to the computer (internet source > phone > computer).
  4. If the phone is not using PoE, plug in the power adapter.
What to do next: When you have successfully activated the device, the user’s extension(s) will appear on the display. If the device does not automatically reboot, you can manually power cycle the device.

Manual Provisioning

If you are bringing over existing equipment or using unsupported hardware/software, this method allows you to point your device to our provisioning server from the device menu or web UI using a specific URL or IP address where the device can download its pre-built configuration file(s) from the server. Whenever there is an update available, simply reboot the phone to obtain the new configuration file(s).

What to do next: For existing phones, please view our phone guides to learn how to provision your particular model. If you do not find your phone on that list or need help provisioning a different device, contact Customer Support.
Article last updated: 3 May, 2023