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How do I add a GoTo Network Test probe?

Manually add a GoTo Network Test (GTNT) probe in GoTo Admin for any machines you want to monitor that are not using the desktop version of the GoTo app. GTNT probes allow you to track the performance of the networks in your organization and run impromptu tests as needed.

Before you begin:
  • Please excuse our mess while we improve your admin experience! We are in the process of migrating all accounts to the new GoTo Admin. The article below is meant only for admins who use GoTo Admin at
  • You must be assigned an Admin or Super admin role to perform this task.
  • Get a copy of the GoTo Network Test system code. If you need to add a new probe to a machine rather than just associating an existing probe with your admin portal, download and install GoTo Network Test on the machine before obtaining the system code.
You will only need to add a GTNT probe for standalone GTNT probes. GTNT probes from machines using the desktop GoTo App will automatically have probes populated in GoTo Admin.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From Home > Network, select + Add network probe.
  3. Enter a name to identify this probe (or instance of the test).
  4. Paste the system code you want to add.
  5. Select Save when complete.
What to do next: Manage your GTNT probes.
Article last updated: 10 August, 2023