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How do I add a network permission?

    Add network permissions to your account to control access to your network.
    Warning: DO NOT DELETE the authorization. By default, this IP address appears on all network access lists, with only PROV and ADMIN permissions. It is set up this way to allow automatic network authorization when a device is provisioned to GoTo Connect and to allow admins to access the admin portal from any network.

    In addition, we highly recommend you do not change the default permissions (PROV and ADMIN only) for Adding REG permissions to this IP address will defeat the purpose of the network access feature, as it would allow any user to connect from a network, regardless of whether that IP address is trusted or not. If these permissions are removed, then IP addresses will not be authorized during the provisioning process and admins will only be able to access the portal from the specific networks listed. Organizations who opt to change this default are liable for any security breaches or fraudulent activity that may occur as a result.

    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Phone system > Network access, select + Add network permission.
    3. Complete each field of the form. Include the subnet mask if adding a network range.
    4. Select Save when complete.