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What is Efficiency Mode?

Efficiency mode helps you save valuable resources, such as your CPU, battery, and bandwidth, and mitigate potential performance issues while continuing to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere.

Restriction: This setting is only available for users on the GoTo desktop app or web browser.
Here are a few important things to note when enabling Efficiency Mode:
  • The media (webcam and shared screen) quality is adjusted to maintain a great user experience while also saving important resources so you will not be able to optimize video with this setting on.
  • The setting is persistent on the same device for all future across the various products you may have. If desired, simply disable the setting before joining your next session.
  • The video may zoom in on your face depending on your hardware. For example, the MacBooks built-in cameras deliver 4:3 video on lower resolutions, despite the application requesting 16:9. This is noticeable in the camera preview and you can disable Efficiency Mode before joining the if desired.
You can enable this setting in one of the following ways:
  • Before you join a session, select Turn on efficiency mode under Performance.
  • During the session, select Settings > Session > Performance > Turn on efficiency mode.
  • If you see the load control banner during the session, select View solutions > Turn on efficiency mode.