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How do I restrict my attendees to join from only one device?

Organizers can restrict attendees to use their unique Join link once. This prevents link sharing among registrants.

If attendees need to switch and join from another device, they will have to wait 5 minutes before rejoining using their unique Join link.
Note: This is only available for Standard and Webcast events. You cannot limit attendees to one device for Recorded events.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Schedule a new webinar or click an existing one.
  3. In the Registration card and under "Join Limit", select Restricted join and click out of the box.
    • Default - Attendees can join from up to three devices using the same Join link (e.g., an attendee can join the webinar from a mobile device and the desktop app).
    • Restricted Join - Attendees can join from only one device (desktop app, mobile app, or Instant Join app).
  4. To apply this setting across all your webinars, see How do I change my GoTo Webinar account settings?.
    Restricted Join Setting