How do I raise my hand during a webinar?

    Raising your hand is an easy way for an attendee to grab the organizer's attention. It can alternatively be used as a quick polling option for organizers.

    Raise your hand (attendees)

    To raise your hand, click the Hand icon in the Grab Tab of the Control Panel (desktop app) or toolbar menu (browser). The Hand icon will glow green while it is raised and will return to gray once it is lowered by you or by the organizer.
    Note: If you do not see the option to raise your hand, the organizer disabled the feature. Please reach out to your webinar organizer for help.

    View hands raised (organizers)

    When a hand is raised, you'll see a glowing Hand icon in the Grab Tab. The exact number and percentage of hands raised can be found in the Dashboard pane. Once clicked, it'll open the Attendee pane and show which attendee(s) raised their hands.

    To use hand raising as a quick polling option, ask your attendees to raise their hands after the question. Learn more about using polls.