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What is the GoTo app?

The GoTo app is an always-on collaboration workplace with one point of access for all communication needs including messaging, meetings, voice, trainings, webinars, and larger virtual events. We are still developing the full-fledged application, but you can use GoTo Meeting and start/join trainings and webinars during this time.

After you enable the new experience, you'll get access to our new GoTo and features, be able to provide feedback on your experience, and stay up-to-date as new collaboration solutions get added. New features include:

Be sure to follow our release notes page for updates to the GoTo!

Depending on the products you have, you will see the tabs available in the left toolbar in the GoTo desktop app. You will still schedule and manage trainings at

Enable the new training experience

The new experience in the GoTo app makes online trainings simpler and smoother. Once enabled, your attendees will join using the new experience in their browser (Chrome or Edge) or GoTo app.

Local recording, remote control, and mobile apps are not supported yet. For a full list of limitations, see Are there limitations in the GoTo app?.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select Settings in the left menu.
  3. Select the Join Options tab, and then enable the Use the new experience setting and Save.
  4. Optional: Download the desktop app for the best experience.
Results: The next time you start a training, you'll be launched in the new experience! View our user guide to learn more about getting started.