Are there limitations in the GoTo app?

    The GoTo Training team is currently working on these limitations in the new experience.

    These limitations only apply to organizers who have enabled the new experience and their attendees.
    • The new experience is available on the GoTo app and the web (Google Chrome or Edge Chromium only).
    • Use the new GoTo mobile app as an attendee to have full feature support.
    • Materials added during the session will not automatically refresh. Organizers need to refresh the material section.
    • Attendees connected to audio via phone cannot participate in breakout rooms.
    • Attendees joining via the legacy mobile app will not show on the Organizers report.
    • Local cloud recording creates files with a WEBM format and not a MP4. Organizers will need to find a third party converter to convert the WEBM files to MP4s.
    Features Classic experience New desktop app experience New browser experience
    Host a session (organizer)
    Joining sessions via web browser ✓ (Will no longer be supported as of May 24, 2022)
    Be promoted to co-organizer
    Share your camera
    Share your screen
    Share screen in "clean" mode
    Share a video
    Use flexible layout mode
    Include media sound
    Use cloud recording
    Use local recording
    Create breakout rooms ✓ (Will no longer be supported as of May 24, 2022)
    Use remote control
    Use drawing tools ✓ (Presenter only)
    Share and download materials ✓ (Will no longer be supported as of May 24, 2022)
    Chat logs

    If you need to revert to the classic experience to access any of the features above, end the current session and enable the Use the classic GoTo Training setting at Restart the session and you'll be launched in the classic desktop application.